Changing Text

Changing or adding text to the game is very simple. All of the text is held in CSV spreadsheet files in the game’s text folder. The format for the CSV file must be maintained. If you are using Open Office Calc, for example, you must set up the file format as follows:

All text is set up as a text tag. This tag is a representation of the text line you wish to add and is what you add to the XML data. The length of the text the tag represents is limited only by the GUI element where you wish to show your text. For example, most tooltips will expand to fit whatever text you want to place there, but buttons only have a limited amount of space.

You can either edit an existing text file to change or add new text, or you can add a completely new CSV file. As long as the file is in the correct format and is located in the same folder, the game will use your text. Note that adding a file in the wrong format, or saving an existing file in the wrong format can cause ALL text in the game to break