Tools Documentation

There are a few tools you should be aware of to help create and share your mods.

UI Editor

UI Editor Manual -PDF The UI Editor allows players to modify various elements of User Interface. You can add buttons, text, movies, tooltips, and other types of things to your mod, or change the things that already exist. Every menu, option, and widget is covered in this index.

Map Editor

Map Editor Manual -PDF The Map Editor gives players the ability to create entirely new environments in which to stage their battles. You may start from scratch, use one of our existing maps, or a "ready to mod" map that we have uploaded to the Steam Workshop to begin your creation. Remember to share your creation when you're done!

Model Converter

The Model Converter (2alo.exe) can be found in the ModTools subfolder. This tool converts common file formats (like FBX) into Petroglyph's ALO format for use in The Great War: Western Front. Check the model-converter subsection for more information on how to use it.

3ds Max Plugin

The 3D Studio Max plugin allows you to export models with additional metadata used by the game for advanced functionality. A quick tutorial is available, to get this plugin tool found in the ModTools subfolder up and running.

Workshop Uploader

Once your mod is ready for distribution, the Workshop Uploader (uploader.exe) can be found in the in ModTools\WorkshopUploader folder along with a Readme file. This open source tool is used to package together the files, assign a name, picture, and description that people will see when browsing the workshop. There is also a guide available.