Editing Campaign File Part Two

As part of creating a new custom campaign, we will walk through Regions_Mod_Campaign_Strategic_Allies_00 located in \Data\XML\Regions_Mod_Campaign_Strategic_Allies_00.xml in the "Petroglyph: Siege of Paris" sample custom campaign mod.

This file contains all of the starting information for each region in the game including owner and starting troops and is usually customized per campaign.

  • Remember that the fastest/easiest way to create your own custom campaign mod is to just copy the entire directory structure of the "Petroglyph: Siege of Paris" into your mod and rename and edit files to match your custom campaign and what you would like to change.

The following information is available for every region on the map.

  • Do not put anything into the Spacer_Regions, they are not playable regions and only exist for the map to function correctly.

<Region Id="1"></Region>

This is the region that you are setting up the data for. The number goes with the names in \XML\Objects\Strategic\Strategic_Regions.xml

The comment has the English name to make searching easier and the (#) is the maximum number of stars the region has in the normal campaigns (although as you will see, this number can be adjusted in this file.)


This tag should be left alone and is the matching name from \XML\Objects\Strategic\Strategic_Regions.xml


This controls which of the factions own the region at the start of the campaign. This will be either Faction1_Strategic for the Allies or Faction2_Strategic for the Central Powers. Something to keep in mind: do not place Allied units in a German-controlled region or vice-versa; you will crash the game.



These tags control the number of stars the region starts with and the max number of stars it has.

  • If the <OverrideMaxStarLevel> tag is missing, it will use the max stars for the region as defined in XML\Objects\Strategic\Strategic_Regions.xml
  • If the <StartingStarLevel> tag is missing, the region will start with the max stars, either the above override value, or the value in Strategic_Regions.xml This tag is used to simulate battles occurring before the campaign has started so a region is missing stars at the start of the campaign. If included, the value must be between 1 and the region’s max.


This controls how much national will is exchanged when the region is fully captured and swaps ownership. This amount is taken from the old owner and also granted to the new owner. If the XML tag is missing, it will use the region value defined in: XML\Objects\Strategic\Strategic_Regions.xml.

This value usually matches the number of max stars the region has so the main reason to change it is if you change the <OverrideMaxStarLevel>

  • 1 Star: 2 National Will
  • 2 Stars: 6 National Will
  • 3 Stars: 12 National Will
  • 4 Stars: 20 National Will
  • 5 Stars: 30 National Will


This is a true/false flag (defaults to false). You will only need this tag if you have a star value less than max and/or the region is starting with battle fatigue. If set to true, the game will assume that the region has been attacked on turn 1 and will not recover any stars or clear battle fatigue on the region at the start of turn 2. If set to false, a star will heal and battle fatigue at the start of turn 2 as if the region was never attacked.


This states the starting battle fatigue level for the region. The levels are in increments of 15 and are listed as a negative value. So, adding -15 means one level of fatigue, where -45 would be three levels. For the most part, this tag is not really used, and its primary usage was for the tutorial chapters to simulate battles that occurred in previous chapters.


This block lists the starting corps names () and number () per region. Remember that you must place CORPS here, not COMPANIES, and do not place Allied units in a German-controlled region or vice-versa; you will crash the game. An empty or missing tag will place 0 starting units in that region.

Allied: (Faction1_Strategic)



















German/Central Powers: (Faction2_Strategic)









This block lists the starting region structures contained in the Region. You cannot have two of the same type (of any level) in the same region, but can have one of each type. You can find the list of the region structure object names in \XML\Objects\Strategic_Objects\Strategic_Structure_Objects.xml. An empty or missing tag will place 0 starting structures in that region.

  • STRATEGIC_STRUCTURE_Air_Field_01 (_01-_03)
  • STRATEGIC_STRUCTURE_Field_Hospital_01 (_01-_03)
  • STRATEGIC_STRUCTURE_Mechanic_Garage_01 (_01-_03)
  • STRATEGIC_STRUCTURE_Canteen_01 (_01-_03)
  • STRATEGIC_STRUCTURE_SafeHouse_01 (_01-_03)
  • STRATEGIC_STRUCTURE_Supply_Depot_01 (_01-_05)